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I am a Computer Technology Teacher based in the Poconos, Pennsylvania, specializing in Web Development. I build clean, appealing, and functional sites which comply with the latest web standards. But that's just a part of it. Web Design is my therapy. It's my beach away from home. It's my roller-coaster. It's something that often just keeps my mind occupied. I enjoy the challenge, the learning experience, and the teachable moments within my high school classes.

I design with Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash. I code sites with XHTML and CSS, using a little JavaScript, Actionscript, and a lot of usability, accessibility, and web standards.

why "ladybugdixie?"

Aside from web design, my main passion involves my niece and nephew. The term "Aunt" reminds them of the bug. A bug which they notice crawling around and then squish. Ladybugs, however, are "lucky." At least, that's what Jax and Patrick tell me. Instead of Aunt Dixie, I have become Ladybug Dixie. Hence, ladybugdixie.com.